There are also multiple options for sponsorships at the temple. Please see below and email or call us for more information.

In addition, please donate generously to run and maintain your temple. Donations can be made in cash or check at the temple. You can also donate food items (contact temple for items to donate) for Abhishekam and Annadana purposes.

* Note: Puja items are usually available at any Indian grocery store.





Vahan Pooja 


Ganapathi Homam


Navagraha Homam


Sathyanarayana Puja (Group on Poornima Day) 


Nithya Pooja and Ganapathi Abhishekam for a year


Nithya Pooja and Navagraha Abhishekam for a year


Nithya Pooja and Shiva Abhishekam for a year


Nithya Pooja and Balaji Abhishekam for a year 


 One day Annadanam (only regular days)



Temple Donation NOT includes Priest Dakshina.

Its our custom and tradition to give dakshina to priest after Pooja to make him satisfy please check with priest about Dakshina.

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